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Selling on Andromeda Webstore

Andromeda Webstore is a comprehensive, full-featured eCommerce product that enables companies of all sizes to build and operate an eCommerce business. Andromeda Webstore manages every aspect of running an eCommerce business from design and merchandising, to catalog and inventory management, to checkout and payment processing with fraud protection. It uniquely combines a comprehensive tool-set for fast design and implementation, with full flexibility and control of branding, design, merchandising and customer experience. Andromeda Webstore also enables companies to deliver a personalized, cross-channel experience with applications for website, store and phone ordering, and customer service, and provides a single interface for unified management and visibility across all channels. Webstore incorporates Andromeda's eCommerce expertise for ongoing success, easily integrates with other Andromeda services like Selling on Andromeda and Fulfillment by Andromeda, and leverages the strength, security and reliability of Andromeda's infrastructure.

Andromeda Webstore delivers the rich features and design flexibility necessary to build and operate sophisticated, high volume websites, and uniquely provides the integrated applications for store and phone ordering, and customer service, that are key to large companies' ability to deliver a personalized, cross-channel customer experience. Andromeda Webstore is built on Andromeda's highly secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure and allows sellers to confidently manage high volume traffic, spikes in traffic, orders and catalog size.

Checkout by Andromeda (CBA) is a checkout and payments processing solution that eCommerce retailers can use on any website, including on Andromeda Webstore. Andromeda Webstore is a complete product for building, managing and operating a multichannel eCommerce business. Payment processing and fraud protection services are integrated into Andromeda Webstore, and do not require any additional setup. CBA is also seamlessly integrated as an additional checkout option.